These will be honoured for 30 days after the written quotation has been given and will be subject to any unseen artwork or customer’s extra undisclosed requirements. Extra charges (as per our price list) will be made for alterations and for extra requirements. All pricing is per our advertised Price List unless the work is unconventional in space, specification or substance.


All design and logo packages and prices will be quoted in advance and 3-5 small alterations to any logo or design concept are included in the original design fee. (A small alteration would be a change of font*, colour, direction (portrait to landscape or visa versa) or text.)

Any quotation validated by confirmation of approval to proceed with the project by the client by e-mail, in person or in writing constitutes acceptance of the estimate or quotation and agreement to comply fully with all the terms and conditions and forms a Contract for Business between the signatory and PrintingProgress.

The client agrees that changes required over and above the estimated work required to be carried out after acceptance of the draft design will be liable to a separate charge. The client also agrees that PrintingProgress holds no responsibility for any amendments made by any third party before or after a design is published.

All artwork undertaken has to be approved by the customer before the job goes to print. Whilst all efforts will be made by PrintingProgress to ensure the accuracy of work, no liability can be accepted by PrintingProgress for errors not highlighted by the client prior to written approval for publication or print.

PrintingProgress will reprint any work that is below standard and any work for which they are responsible for errors.

All Artwork fees are taken in advance and are non refundable.

*Please note on occasions a font change could lead to a complete new logo design where the text has formed the basis of the design.


Customers artwork and any other item or disks supplied to PrintingProgress will be held and/or worked upon at the customer’s risk.


Proofs will be made available to the customer before printing. No responsibility will be accepted for any errors after proofing and after instructions that put the work in hand and this includes customers who do not wish to proof work.  Any major alterations, corrections or additions that were not specified when the order was placed, will incur additional costs. Work that is not going to be approved, must be paid for in full in advance.


Colour matches from customer’s supplied samples cannot be guaranteed to be 100% unless the relevant Pantone Matching System number is also supplied. It should be noted that colours change depending on the surface and colour on which they are printed.


PrintingProgress shall not be liable for any loss or claim made by their customers occasioned by delay in completing work. Where there has been any defective work it will be rectified.


Payment is due once you accept your quotation and approve or supply print ready artwork.

There is a 100% deposit required on print work before printing can proceed.

We can email an invoice and payment can be made via a Worldpay payment link that we can email to you direct.

Please note that late payment will delay printing.


Will attract an extra 5% interest charge per working day.

These conditions shall be governed by the Laws of the Land of England and do not affect your statutory rights.


If you don’t understand the following – give us a call or email us and we will guide you through it – or save you the worry and we will design the artwork for you at an additional charge.

To be certain your artwork is “print ready” please use the list below to ensure it meets our requirements.

FILE FORMAT – We accept artwork as “print ready” only if it is in PDF or JPEG format. PDF is the preferred format as it will keep you text nice and crisp – if you use JPEG then use the highest quality you can and make sure your artwork is at least 350dpi (ideally 600dpi).

RESOLUTION – To ensure your files print clearly all artwork including images must be supplied at a resolution of at least 300dpi. Anything lower than this may result in blurry, bitmapped or pixelated print.

COLOURS – CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) is an industry-standard formula designed to give the most precise colour reproductions. Artwork received using Pantone, Spot or RGB (commonly Web colours) will be converted into CMYK format, this may cause some colours to change.

Our CMYK Print Workflow uses technology not commonly available to home/office printers or monitors and is calibrated and maintained to a recognised industry standard (ISO / FOGRA). As such your printer or screen should only be used as a guide and not to accurately proof a colour.

FONTS – Due to the vast number of different fonts, all fonts used must be embedded or outlined before sending us the final artwork. Failure to do this could result in an alternative style being used automatically and without us knowing.

EFFECTS – Any effects such as drop shadows, must be flattened before sending us the final artwork. Failure to do this could result in an alternative style being used automatically and without us knowing

BLEED – Bleed is used when any part of an image, background, colour or line is to be printed to the very edges of the finished product. For example if you wanted the background of a business card to be red, the colour must bleed past all edges. If a bleed is not provided white lines will be seen on some or all of the edges.The bleed requirements are 3mm all round.

TEXT – All text must be a safe distance from the edge, a minimum of 5mm.

ARTWORK SIZE – Please refer to the sizes specified by the individual product specifications. Please remember to add 6mm to the finished artwork size to allow for 3mm bleed on all edges.


These are not professional design programmes and as such, artwork can be hit or miss. In most cases we are able to work with these formats and get perfectly good results, but please note that whilst your design may look complete on your screen, when transferred to another computer, that may not be compatible, this could become distorted – words can be omitted, fonts altered or indeed colours changed. Consequently, we ask you to submit your work in another format.

If this is not possible, our Designer could check out or alter your advert to an acceptable format.

However, we would make a nominal charge of £20 to cover the time involve.


    1. Goods means the articles or services described in the contract between printingprogress and the purchaser.
    2. These conditions shall be deemed to be incorporated in all contracts of printingprogress to sell goods and in the case of any inconsistency with any order or form of contract sent by the purchaser to printingprogress whatever may be their respective dates the provision of these Conditions shall prevail unless expressly varied in writing and signed by a director on behalf of printingprogress.  Notwithstanding that printingprogress may have given a detailed quotation no order shall be binding on printingprogress unless and until it has been accepted in writing by printingprogress.
    3. Any times or dates given for completion or delivery of goods shall be binding on printingprogress, insofar as printingprogress undertake to carry out additional work for the purchaser to the value of the print element of any goods not supplied on time. Such liability shall not extend to delays beyond the control of printingprogress including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing defects in files or omissions of information delays in approval of proofs and non-performance of carriers.
    4. By their nature goods do not have a redeemable value and no refunds or credits for goods correctly supplied will be entertained.
      1. All goods shall be paid for at the time of order.
      2. No goods shall be despatched or collection allowed until paid for in full.
      3. All prices are exclusive of Value Added Tax and this will be charged at the appropriate rate.
      1. Any shortcomings or defects in goods supplied must be notified to printingprogress within 3 days of delivery. Such goods must be returned to printingprogress for inspection.
      2. Nothing herein shall impose any liability upon wherethetradebuys in respect of any defect in the goods arising out of the acts, omissions, negligence or default of the Purchaser, its servants or agents including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing handling and storage of the goods.
      3. Nothing herein shall have the effect of excluding or restricting the liability of printingprogress:
        1. For death or personal injury resulting from its negligence insofar as the same is prohibited by U.K. statute, or;
        2. Under sections 12,13,14 and 15 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 to a purchaser who is dealing with a customer (as defined by section 12 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977).
    5. Printingprogress shall not be liable for any costs, claims or damage arising out of any act of tort or omission or breach of contract or statutory duty calculated by reference to profits, income production or accruals or loss of such profits, income production or accruals or by reference to accrual of such, claim, damages or expenses on a time basis.
    6. The liability of printingprogress to the purchaser for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused shall be limited to and in no circumstances exceed the price of the goods.
    7. If the purchaser shall be in breach of any of their obligations under the contract printingprogress may (without prejudice to printingprogress rights subsequently to determine the contract for the same cause should it so decide) suspend further deliveries of goods without notice until any defaults by the purchaser are remedied.
    8. No statement, description, information, warranty or recommendation contained in any catalogue, price list, advertisement or communication or made verbally by any of the agents or employees of printingprogress shall be construed to enlarge, vary or override in any way these conditions.
    9. Any concessions made or latitude allowed by printingprogress to the purchaser shall not affect the strict rights of printingprogress under the contract. If in any particular case any of these conditions shall be held to be invalid or shall not apply to the contract the other conditions shall continue in full force and effect.
    10. In accordance with printingprogress stated “Green Policy” jobs will always be printed with minimal overs. On occasions this may lead to a shortfall. Any such shortfall up to 10% will be remedied by a pro-rata credit against future orders rather than making up the deficit.
    11. Upon sight of artwork and at its sole discretion printingprogress reserve the right to decline to print any item it deems to be inappropriate. Any payments made for work rejected by reason of this clause will be refunded in full.
    12. The contract shall in all respects be governed by English law and shall be deemed to have been made in England and the purchaser and printingprogress agree to submit to nonexclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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